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Silver Birch Tree

The "Birch Tree urn - Wood" is a unique urn with a beautiful rustic look. The tree urns are made from the whole trunk incl. Bark. The trunk is then eroded with a lathe. With the matching wooden disc, the urn is beautifully sealed. Because of the unique structure of the wood, no birch tree urn is the same. You are thus assured of a beautiful and unique tangible memory to your deceased dear.


The birch tree urn - wood has a capacity of about 275 cubic inches, usually enough for storing the full amount of ash of your deceased dear one. A beautiful, unique and natural urn, for a warm reminder.


The 'Birch tree urn - wood' is a biological/ecological urn. When this urn is placed in the ground, it will perish over time and depending on the weather and soil conditions.

Silver Birch Tree

SKU: 950793
  • Approx - 8-12" H x 6-8" D

  • 275 cubic in

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