The Dodge Company began in 1893 in Boston, Massachusetts under the stewardship of A. Johnson Dodge. From that day to this Dodge Company has become one of the most widely known names in the Funeral Service Profession. The history of a company is constantly being written and so has been with Dodge as well. Over the years, 3 service centres and a division in Canada were added, followed in 1986 by the addition of Dodge UK in one small warehouse on an industrial estate in Whitchurch, Hampshire.


In the following 33 years, Dodge UK has become a leader in the field of manufacture and supply of embalming chemicals, equipment, supplies and urns which reach over Europe and other continents in the world. Today in the UK we remain in Whitchurch, Hampshire, where we now occupy three large premises containing an office, manufacturing and warehouse/shipping facilities.


The profession of Funeral Directing and Embalming has seen a great many changes over the past 100 or more years and Dodge is proud to have evolved to overcome many of these challenges. We appreciate the ever-changing needs and expectations of you, our customers, as you care for the bereaved and the deceased in your communities which is no easy task. We at Dodge understand the magnitude of this challenge and accept our responsibility as your partner.


A deep understanding of the embalming process is one key to our success and why Dodge places such importance on having professionally qualified company representatives. Dodge appointed its first research chemist in 1926 to work on new and improved embalming chemical formulas. The third generation of Dodge’s, Arnold (Jake) and George (Mike) realised the importance of continued professional education and further developed the Dodge Sunshine Seminars into what they are known and recognised as today.


Debbie Dodge and her sister Kristie are the fourth generation of the Dodge family to run the business and continue the tradition of quality and service that the Dodge Company was founded on. As a family, Mike, Debbie and Kristie have overseen the company during the several significant developments including the formulation, testing and release of the first formaldehyde free arterial and cavity fluids, the first embalming machine with automatic pressure control and a waterless aspirator.


Since the formation of Dodge UK, we have been privileged to work with a great number of funeral directors and embalmers in one way or another. We value the trust placed in us just as the bereaved place their trust in you. As a team we work to ensure that we help you, so you can help others!


The Quality and Service that everyone has come to know and expect from Dodge will continue, built on the foundation on which our company was founded - Helping you to help others.


In the collections, there are several choices for your consideration. Although difficult, it is our hope that the opportunity to choose an appropriate personalised memorial will be the first of many steps on your journey of healing. For some more information and guidance, take a look at our guide to choosing the right urn.



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