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Dealing with grief and loss may be one of the most difficult things in life you will ever face. Many people find comfort in helping create a permanent memorial to the one who has died.


Urns are predominantly used to preserve and safeguard the ashes of our loved ones. There is an abundance of urns available in the market, offering various sizes, shapes and finishes – often making it an overwhelming decision to find the perfect memorial. We offer a fantastic variety, enabling you to choose a personal memorial for your loved one – but if you need help with your decision – we’re only a phone call away.


Cremation urns are normally stored at home or in the chapel – while others prefer to bury the cremation urn. Also, it is not necessary to have ashes in a cremation urn, instead they can house a memorial photograph, locks of hair or any memorable item that is personal to your loved one. We also offer ‘scattering urns’ or ‘scattering tubes’ for those who wish to scatter ashes – offering secure containment and easy scattering.


The majority of standard sized cremation urns for humans offer a capacity of 200 cubic inches, which is enough to house the remains of an average adult at approximately 200 lbs bodyweight. We offer a variety of different urn materials, each of which possess their own unique beauty and properties. Metal and marble urns move away from the traditional wooden urn , as many see them as beautiful and elegant.


Many of the cremation urns are designed and styled by artisans, so they’re each beautiful in their own way – we also offer an artistic collection, and most people choose to keep these urns at home as an ornament, as they serve a dual purpose.

For those who wish to bury their urns may want to consider our environmentally friendly urns that are all biodegradable . These biodegradable urns degrade into their natural surroundings, be it earth or water.


We also offer special sized urns that serve to keep the cremated remains of pets. Pets play a big part in the life of a family – therefore most owners consider their pets as part of the family and want to guarantee that they are given the best off, along with a memorial of their special friend. We offer a variety of urn sizes to accommodate the size of your animal – with different options suitable for hamsters and guinea pigs to dogs and horses. These options are often either kept in the house or buried in the garden with a flower seed to keep the memory alive.


Another option we provide is keepsake/cremation jewellery, such as pendants and lockets. These can be used to keep a very small amount of ash, after burial or ash scattering. Cremation jewellery is a beautiful way to keep loved ones close to you always, even when you’re not at home. We offer a variety of cremation jewellery options at fantastic value.


We hope this has helped you to understand the urn options that we provide, along with inspiration on finding the perfect memorial. If you would like to discuss our range of options further, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 8815 654.


Urns To Remember wishes you all of the strength on your journey of healing.

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