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Piedra Artistic Sand

The Piedra Artistic Sand urns are beautifully made sculptures. Each urn has pebbles on top, which leads your eye down a line with other gray pebbles. The simplicity and elegance of this urn, has a modern soothing appeal.


An elegant choice for home display, earth, or ocean burial. This urn will not breakdown over time at home and if you choose an ocean burial, the lid will soon lift, allowing the cremains to mingle with the currents. Within a couple of days, the urn will invite crustaceans and small fish, providing a haven for a wide variety of sea creatures. The urn will be a part of the ocean floor and your loved one will be part of a great ocean.

Piedra Artistic Sand

  • Adult 9 5/6" H x 8 1/4" D

    Keepsake 3 1/4" H x 2 5/8" D

  • Adult 200 cubic in

    Keepsake 3 cubic in

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